About Us


Charbhuja Marble House is a highly reputable brand in India’s stone industry. They source the purest marble from around the world, which is known for its beauty and resistance to shattering. Their range of marble products offers unparalleled luxury and adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

The company has been established in Makrana town of Rajasthan in 1957, popularly known for home to some of the world’s most renowned white marble sites.

OUR Journey

From Across India to Global Reach


From Makrana Suresh Chander Rander Ji commenced the business and continued the journey of Charbhuja Marble House. He has diversified the business in Delhi by setting up a huge variety of imported Italian marbles and natural stones.

In 1989, we extended our company in Delhi. As a family, we belong to the marble city of Makrana in Rajasthan. Initially, our business revolved around domestic marbles. From 1957 till the date , we were the first ones to launch 45 different colours of domestic marbles and over 250 different types of domestic stones from across pan India which was the biggest achievement for us at that time.


Mr. Sharad Rander took the vision forward in 2007 and carved a niche for the group with utmost passion, perseverance,  and perfection. With the experience of over 15 years, he added new dimensions to the business and continued the legacy.

His eye for fine details and contribution to identifying, sourcing, and bringing the marvels of nature from the world’s best quarries across the globe to India has inspired the entire industry, extensively working on building Charbhuja Marble House as the leading brand.

When I came into business market trends started to change. Buyers were more inclined towards purchasing imported marbles so we diversified ourselves into imported marbles after recognizing the upcoming demands. I started importing the marble from all across Europe but mostly from Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Croatia, and Portugal to cater to the growing needs of our clientele.

We are the one and only Indian Marble brand that is strongly tethered with the roots of our culture and traditions. Our nearly six decades of experience in the stone industry makes us the brand you can always count on.